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Our Lead Coaches...

are collegiate, semi-pro or professional athletes. Many of them have a strong educational background in childhood development and special needs. This level of expertise allows them to transform the drills they were taught into fun games that are age appropriate for our students.


matthew wong

Coach Matthew has played soccer since he was five on local and traveling teams. In high school he played Varsity, was Captain and MVP two years in a row. Winning two Central Jersey State Championships back to back, he was awarded First Team All State. In college he continued playing on a recreational level.

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jennifer wong

COACH JENN grew up playing soccer and volleyball since she was 7 years old through college. A professionally trained dancer, she and her brother taught and performed swing dancing to all ages. Later they incorporated their background in team-building and group dynamics to teach Youth at Risk socialization skills using dance as a vehicle.

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coach lauren

Coach Lauren has been dancing since the age of three. Ever since her parents had put her into a ballet class, Lauren fell in love with how her body automatically moved to the music that played. She continued on with her passion for dance as she grew older and expanded her dance worlds towards contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop.

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coach shannon

Coach Shannon grew up in San Diego and played a lot of different sports growing up. He played soccer, baseball, football, and gymnastics until he became a competitive wrestler in High School through College. While wrestling he kept practicing gymnastics as well as being a competitive tap dancer for 8 years.  

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coach zoso

Coach zo learned to swim at the age of 2 and to surf at age of 4. The water is her natural habitat! Coach Zoso was on the swim team, water polo team, & the surf team at La Jolla High School. She later moved on to have a small sponsorship for surfing.

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Coach Douglas

Coach Douglas started playing soccer at the age of 8 and he instantly became extremely passionate about it. As time went one he got into playing competitive soccer and played with one of the top ranked clubs in the nation and competed in various tournaments.

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