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(ETK-1st) While we watch the Summer Olympics and wait for the next World Cup we indoctrinate our new soccer players every day! The little ones' curriculum develops athletic skills through fun, age appropriate games like Jedi Training, Speed Racer and Super Hero!


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(ETK-1st) Introduce your Little Athlete to the foundation of sports and team play (Soccer, Tee-Ball, and Basketball) in this multi-sport program. We will work on balance, hand-eye coordination with a ball at their feet and in their hands.


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Have your little ones start learning the basic skills for the fast-paced game of basketball. We'll work on hand eye coordination, proper form and rules of the game. All this while teaching good sportsmanship and teamwork!


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(ETK-1st) (2nd -5th Grade) Whether you’re a Rams or a Chargers Fan, "Let’s play some FOOTBALL!!!"JMG Flag Football programs aim to develop the TOTAL athlete mentally, athletically and socially. 


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Tee-Ball is a great way to introduce your little slugger to America’s favorite past time! Utilizing fun games and activities, players will develop their skills in hitting, throwing, base running and fielding. At the end of each session participants will apply these skills into realistic mini game situations.

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Bump, Set, Spike! Learn the basic fundamentals of Volleyball. Our coaches love creating unique games that not only teach the basic fundamentals and rules of volleyball but also promote leadership, teamwork and communication both on and off the court.

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Are you ready to play the quickest game on two-feet? Combining skills from soccer, football, basketball, softball, track & field, hockey, and more, Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States.

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Technique, strength and endurance. Seasoned swimmers get individual attention to identify key elements for improvement. For the less experienced, the progressive float method is used to build water confidence and proper body placement to develop the necessary skills for the swim strokes.

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Join our Co-Ed Introduction to Dance Program. We introduce students to different styles of dance from Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Broadway and Contemporary. Movement, rhythm creativity and choreography will be introduced and practiced.



cheer & dance

Step into the vibrant world of our Cheer and Dance class, where energy, rhythm, and teamwork come together to create an exhilarating experience. This dynamic class is designed for individuals of all ages and skill levels.


we go beyond sports...

Our soccer program has been so successful over these past 15 years, we added more sports! We will use the same winning formula. Experienced, professional coaches using sports as a vehicle to teach self-confidence, sportsmanship, communication and other socialization skills through FUN games and age appropriate skill exercises.

We now have multi-sport, volleyball, basketball, flag football, tee-ball, golf, lacrosse, swimming, dance and creative drawing! We can even set up interscholastic league games!


But It's not enough to simply teach our little ones the basic skills of a sport. We believe that sports is the perfect vehicle to teach our children about life!

JMG espouses the Growth Mindset v Fixed Mindset philosophy. All children learn and grow differently with different timing. We give personal attention to both child and parent on how to get through those times where it seems that your child is not engaged or emotions are running high.

All children go through this. It is up to us to recognize and understand what is happening to them at every step of their development. We believe that perseverance, grit and communication are the most important things for a child to learn at a young age for healthy development!

For more info on the Growth Mindset read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S Dweck