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we go beyond sports...

Our soccer program has been so successful over these past 15 years, we added more sports! We will use the same winning formula. Experienced, professional coaches using sports as a vehicle to teach self-confidence, sportsmanship, communication and other socialization skills through FUN games and age appropriate skill exercises.

We now have multi-sport, volleyball, basketball, flag football, tee-ball, golf, lacrosse, swimming, dance and creative drawing! We can even set up interscholastic league games!


But It's not enough to simply teach our little ones the basic skills of a sport. We believe that sports is the perfect vehicle to teach our children about life!

JMG espouses the Growth Mindset v Fixed Mindset philosophy. All children learn and grow differently with different timing. We give personal attention to both child and parent on how to get through those times where it seems that your child is not engaged or emotions are running high.

All children go through this. It is up to us to recognize and understand what is happening to them at every step of their development. We believe that perseverance, grit and communication are the most important things for a child to learn at a young age for healthy development!

For more info on the Growth Mindset read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S Dweck