our family story

Boys:Girls group huddle Coach Matthew


Hi, I'm Coach Matthew. JMG SportsWise is a local, family run business. Originally from the East Coast, My sister, Jennifer and I grew up playing soccer and volleyball. Our father was a High School Biology teacher and mother a psychotherapist specializing in group dynamics. Where I excelled in soccer, Jennifer became a trained dancer. After graduating from The University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce, I established a fitness company catering to New York City’s elite, training CEO’s and their families.

A decade later our family (Jennifer, my mother and I) moved to Hawaii for 7 years. There we began performing and teaching swing dance for a living. Later on we used dance as a vehicle to run corporate team building programs and taught socialization skills to Youth at Risk.

In 2005 the we moved to Los Angeles, CA. I eventually returned to my first love, soccer. I began teaching for a franchise that caters to children ages 3-12 years of age. I quickly realized that children needed a more comprehensive and in-depth enrichment program using soccer as a vehicle to teach not only athletic skills but socialization and communication skills. SportsWise was born! Jennifer recently became Regional Director. She has organized and streamlined the business as the demand for classes continues to grow. We were extremely excited to be creating local interscholastic leagues for all ages. We believe that building our school and community are equally as important as having a strong family foundation.

Speaking of family, the newest development in our business is that I've become a father and the lessons my 5 year old daughter is teaching me as a parent are being applied to our students and their families! 2 of my favorites that we reference in our coaching is Mindset by Carol Dweck and The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson.

Now we espouse a GROWTH MINDSET not only in the classes we teach, but how we work with our coaches and how we run our business.