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Building your athletic program from preschool to high school

at SoccerWise we don't even need a soccer field!

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soccerwise programs for schools

we work with each school to customize a program to suit your needs!

Enrichment & After School Programs

SoccerWise can create After School Programs for all ages and customize the program to fit the space provided, age group and skill level. For the younger ones, our fun age appropriate games teach ball skills as well as socialization skills. For the older kids we cover fundamental game strategies, positioning and communication on the field. We can set up practices games for each age group so they can learn the sport in a game setting.

Building Your Athletic Program

Does your school need an athletic program but just doesn't have the manpower? We work with schools setting up clinics and scheduling practice games for grades (K-3) and (4-6) with each other. And we are continually adding schools to our league! We can even come in and organize the sports season with which we are not directly involved. We find that this strengthens the school community and promotes school spirit!

Special Events and Tournaments

We can help coordinate your interscholastic sporting events, tournaments, sports camp, Activity Day, Parent Student Day, you name it! We can organize activities in soccer, volleyball, core training, track and field, etc!

Off-Season Clinics

Our pro coaches teach year round clinics. Our club style and academy curriculum prepare your students to play in their upcoming season. Off Season Clinics also include on the field, game-time experience. This builds anticipation all year round and creates a strong school spirit.


high school age

middle and high school

In this group, we take the skills they have learned in earlier classes and apply them to the Beautiful Game of soccer. We bring in innovative small sided games to increase the number of touches on the ball. Strategies and team formations are introduced and we continue to teach character building skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play in a Fun, Safe & Healthy environment . We focus on the following: 1. Ball Control 2. Passing and Receiving 3. Specialty Moves (1 vs 1) 4. Goal Scoring (finishing) 5. Team Attack and Defense. Students also have the opportunity to play interscholastic scrimmages practicing all that they've learned in a game situation.


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toddlers through elementary

Kids in this age group are hard wired to learn through play. We have created a curriculum that utilizes this motivation to develop athletic skills and teamwork through a series of fun and beneficial games...Shhh! Don't tell the kids we're secretly developing them... Our program is designed specifically for children to develop their personal skills of discipline, self-respect, sharing, teamwork, sportsmanship and self-control. In each class, experienced instructors focus on having FUN while guiding children through imaginative games that teach basic soccer skills. 1st through 3rd Graders also have the opportunity to play interscholastic scrimmage games with the coach on the field stopping play, to instruct in a game setting

sportswise, beyond soccer...

Our soccer program has been so successful over these past 9 years we are branching out to other sports! We will use the same winning formula. Experienced, professional coaches using sports as a vehicle to teach self-confidence, sportsmanship, communication and other socialization skills through FUN games and age appropriate skill exercises. Let us know what sports you would like to see at your school! We can even set up interscholastic league games!



Free Demos

would you like us to come in and do a FREE DEMO for your school? We can show your students what we are all about! We can set up and have a demonstration or interactive playtime during your assembly, lunch period or classroom.

Special Events

Holding an Olympic Day? Special Activity Event? SoccerWise would love to come in and organize sports activity stations for your students! Our coaches would love to share their joy of the game with your school!

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