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odyssey charter schools

JMG SportsWise is excited to be working with Odyssey Charter bringing our Athletic Program to your school! We are offering Soccer this Fall Season.

Our vision is building teams from a young age and up with the opportunity for friendly competitions with local schools promoting School and Community Spirit!


"Odyssey Charter School is a nurturing environment where self-directed students develop academic skills and real life knowledge, through exploration, investigation, reflection, and collaboration with other students, teachers, parents and the wider community: a classroom without walls."

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odyssey charter school

(odyssey charter school students only)



mondays @ Odyssey Charter School

Odyssey Soccer Winter K-5th (Mon)

mondays 1:30-2:30pm

01/27/20 - 04/06/20




altadena soccer thursdays

open to all!  odyssey charter & odyssey south

friends and family welcome!


thursdays @ McDonald Park

SoccerWise Thursday Clinic Winter



01/23/20 - 03/26/20




altadena soccer sundays

open to all altadena soccer players!!

open enrollment year round!

friends and family welcome!

sundays @ McDonald Park

SoccerWise Clinic Altadena Sundays Winter


Sundays 9:15-1015am

01/26/20 - 04/12/20

Happy Feet Soccer Altadena Winter


Sun 10:15am-11:00am

11/17/19 - 02/09/20





* There are no refunds except if class has been cancelled by JMG. Under extenuating medical circumstances, credit may be applied. 

send us your photos and we will post them on this website