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JMG SportsWise is excited to be working with Odyssey Charter offering Soccer this school year. We bring GROWTH MINDSET teaching to all our programs. Our coaches encourage students' efforts and perseverance, engendering team work and self esteem along the way.

Our vision is building teams from a young age and up with the opportunity for friendly competitions with local schools promoting School and Community Spirit! To that end we have set up friendly games during the season with other local schools.

Games are set up as "teaching" games where the coaches will be on the field, stopping play to instruct athletes on positioning, strategy and teamwork.

We look forward to sharing our love the Beautiful Game!


odyssey charter school

(odyssey charter school students only)



mondays @ Odyssey Charter School

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altadena soccer thursdays

open to all!  odyssey charter & odyssey south

friends and family welcome!


thursdays @ McDonald Park

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altadena soccer sundays

open to all altadena soccer players!!

open enrollment year round!

friends and family welcome!

sundays @ McDonald Park

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* There are no refunds except if class has been cancelled by JMG. Under extenuating medical circumstances, credit may be applied.