la camps

JMG Full Day Summer Camps!
Small Groups!! (10:1 student/teacher ratio)
Coaches You Know!
Flexible Pricing Plan! (weekly and daily options!)
Week 1 (3 Days)
June 12 - Natural History Museum & Butterfly Pavilion (Fee $20)
June 13 - Pan Pacific Sports and STEAM activities 
June 14 - LA Zoo (Entry Fee $20)


Week 2 (5 Days)
June 17 - Santa Monica Beach/Trapeze Class (Entry Fee $45)
June 18 - Pan Pacific Sports and STEAM Activities
June 19 - CA Science Center (Entry Fee $25)
June 20 - Pan Pacific Sports and STEAM Activities
June 21 - Automotive Museum (Entry Fee $15)


Week 1: (June 12 -14) : $483 + entry fees 
Week 2: (June 16-21) $765 + entry fees
Daily Drop-In Rates: $176 + entry fee/day

Coming in August!

Kinder Camp for New Students!

Sports, Hiking, STEAM Activities and More!

Meet Your Classmates Before School Starts!!

Aug 5-9th, 2024

8:30am - 12:30pm

Pan Pacific Park

Los Angeles Summer Camps 2024

  • For Texting Class Info & Announcements
  • For Texting Class Info & Announcements

JMG Camp Cancellation Policy

Your registration is a non-refundable commitment unless canceled by JMG. Cancellations initiated by JMG will result in a full refund (not including Acts of God.)* Any other missed sessions by players will not be credited or refunded. Make ups for daily drop- ins are allowed within the same week by written request based on availability.

Unlike larger corporate-run programs, we are a small, local, family-owned minority business. Without a commitment from all parents, we would not be able to maintain the minimum number of participants required to compensate our coaches with living wage and remain sustainable.

*We will make every effort to make up for time lost to bad weather, wildfires or other acts of God on all of our programs. There will be no refunds due to time lost in these situations. From 2022 onwards, JMG will adhere to our own Air Quality and Excessive Heat Policy Guidelines. These guidelines also include a reference as to when programs will or will not continue due to Air Quality. There will be no refunds due to time lost in these situations.