Give Your Kids A Sporting Chance – Lessons On and Off the Field

Hi I’m Coach Matthew. My family and I run a sports coaching business JMG SportsWise with over 60 years combined experience working with kids of all ages & their families.

Parents want their kids to play sports for the skills, but also to help them be happy, well-rounded people. We develop our programs based on children’s developmental stages. We look at what and how they learn, at what ages and work with the parents to nurture these budding skills.

In the past 7 Years we’ve noticed a growing trend with all age groups. Kids want to quit when facing a challenge vs working through it. And the parents are at a loss.

So we talked to hundreds of you…And this is what you’ve said:

  • My child is not engaged and cries in class.
  • I don’t want my kid to hold back the class
  • It’s embarrassing when my kid cries and everyone else’s are following direction.
  • My child won’t leave my side.
  • My child doesn’t do this at home

The story of twins Grant and Grace is a perfect example. They came to us age 3. They ran away, played some soccer, cried and spent a lot of time on their parents’ laps. To the naked eye it looked like they weren’t engaging in class.

We informed the parents this was perfectly normal for that age group. It was their first time learning in a class with new coaches and kids where parents were present, unlike school. Each child transitions and learns at his or her ow

n pace. We reassured them they would hit the Tipping Point. We asked them to be patient and work with us through their kids’ struggles even though it would be challenging at times. Parental participation is key to this process.

We then asked the twins what they liked about soccer, what was difficult and showed them making mistakes were ok. We even played “make the most mistakes wins the game”.

We created the boundary that they could only Play or Watch, no jungle gym or playing with toys and no talking to parents. No matter how much the kids

resisted, the parents reinforced these rules!

“Coach Tony and Matthew provided a perfect environment for Grant and Grace to explore, understand and eventually embrace soccer; each at their own pace and passion. Grace enjoys recreational play and Grant found a true calling in soccer and now plays on a competitive travel team. And even with his current expert coaching he still learns (and loves) his 1-1 time with his very first coaches!”    ~ Grant & Grace’s Dad


Stick to it, trust the coaches, follow the process and Give Your Kids a Sporting Chance to learn:

To take Risks
Perseverance through struggle is important.
Finishing what they started is rewarding
Independence and Self-confidence through effort and achievement
We hope you will allow JMG SportsWise to join you on this wonderful & chaotic journey of discovery!

By JMG SportsWise – Matthew, Jennifer & Gayook Wong MSW