STJ v Pilgrim (4-6 Graders) Soccer Game 5/20/15

1st half

Sam Ashbrook stunned the Pilgrim team in the first 2 minutes of the match with a surgical goal assisted from a sublime pass from Jackie Zhang! Jackie Zhang went on to rack up 2 more goals carving through the Pilgrim defense. Pilgrim answered the challenge with 1 goal of their own. 3-1 at halftime.

2nd half

The first minute of the second half Pilgrim gave the Huskies another scare, scoring a beautiful goal from outside the box making it a close nail biting 3-2 match.

But St James was ready as Jackie Zhang scored 2 more goals for a hat trick. In the final minutes Pilgrim scored but was quickly answered by one time laser strike by Coleman Park assisted from newcomer Conor Murphy as he threaded a pass from his own defensive end.

The team would not have survived the continual pressure applied by Pilgrim if it were not for the display of AMAZING teamwork by the Huskies. Our solid defense of Willa Mockler, Fiona Loughran, Patrick Hindman anchored by Coleman Park created THE GREAT WALL that Pilgrim could not scale. A special note: The girls showed great courage, never turning away from any of the the Pilgrim boys’ challenge stripping the ball away from the oncoming strikers.

Our mid-fielders Shine Park, Jamieson Park, and newcomer Alex Morrison had the task of both offense and defense creating that transition game from defense to offense. Soccer matches are won and lost in the midfield and the Huskies howled their way to victory!!!

Final score 6-3