St James Game Summaries (March 8 & 10)


Sunday, March 8 
(K-3 Graders vs Good Shepherd)
It was an unseasonably warm spring Sunday and the Huskies were raring to go. The parents were very happy to be under the newly provide shade.

Officially St. James already claimed their victory as Good Shepherd came with only 3 players. Teams were split up and everyone had a great time. Both Coach Tony and Coach Kat worked on positioning with an emphasis on defending and marking up. The first half Nico Tsai and Conor Murphy scored one for each team. The second half Henry Miller and Nico scored for Good Shepherd.

Tuesday, March 10
(4-6 Graders v Pilgrim)
Once again into the breach! This time the Huskies traveled to Pilgrim School for an Away Game. With Marcel Pullard and Stephen Purdum switching off in goal and St. James back and midfield determined to mark up, we had a really close game!

The first half exciting and fast paced as Harry Robbins and Nico Tsai scoring the first two goals working in concert with Coco Kelly-Patino. Pilgrim’s lead scorer Angus Hillcrest answered back with a goal of his own, only to have Marcel and Nico score two more! Angus scored the last two goals before half with STJ leading 5-4.

The second half was yet another nail biter. Pilgrim managed to score 3 more goals and an own goal. Finishing the match at 6-7. The Huskies did an amazing job holding their own against an aggressive team. Extra thanks goes out to Coach Josef who refereed a fair game.