mother of first grader Henry and Kindergartener Ethan

The new St. James’ volleyball program is off to a smashing start! In its first season, there are already twenty-seven players on the co-ed team.“The Huskies’ enthusiasm for learning the sport is infectious,” said Matthew Wong, who heads JMG SoccerWise and is also responsible for the popular Huskies Soccer Program. “They can’twait until the spring season starts, when they can scrimmage other schools.”

The volleyball coach, Jimmy Chui, played competitive intercollegiate volleyball, has coached at the high school level, and still participates in tournaments. “His coaching experience in creating a safe environment for the kids to learn a new sport,” said Wong, “fits in perfectly with the JMG Soccerwise teaching philosophy, in which the sport is simply the vehicle to develop socialization, team building, communication and other interpersonal skills.”

The program utilizes fun games that focus on the basic fundamentals of the sport, passing andserving, and the rules of the sport. “I love when we play sharks and minnows,” said first grader Clara Maranville. “And I’ve learnedthat the stance is to bend your knees and put your hands together and thumbs out.” Fifth grader Conor Murphey said, “I’ve met newfriends, like David, whose sister’s name is Sophie.” “I like moose-catching [catching the ball over your head with hands like moose antlers],” said first grader Gaby Shiao. “And I’m excited to serve!”

“They are getting the concept really quickly,” says Coach Chui. “Some of them are better than the high school students I’ve taught!” The official volleyball season starts this spring with games against other schools, but the clinics, for ages six to twelve, are year-round on Sundays and are held on the St. James’ campus.

Let’s go Huskies!


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