SJS Volleyball Games 4/25 & 30


It was a bright Tuesday afternoon and the SJS Volleyball Team was warming up for their first Hollywood Wilshire League match of the season! SJS was St James hosted our first game against Larchmont Elementary’s 5th-6th graders! After warm up our team was ready! Coach Jenn worked out the line up for Michaella (our captain for the match), Lauren, Katelyn, Ashlyn, Sophia, Jean, Phoebe, Erin and alumnae Cristal and Hannah.

The first game was one handily 25-19. The second game was tougher ending with a score of 16-25. The Huskies had some great rallies, honing our passing and receiving skills, working on 3 hits per side. We were tied 1-1 games! We played a final tie breaker to 15 points. It was neck and neck the entire way and we had to win by 2 points! With some great serving and clear communication SJS won 18-16 winning our first match 2-1! CONGRATULATIONS!


SJS v CEE (2-1)

SJS walked on to the CEE court with 5 girls (6 is the optimum number). Lauren, Katelyn, Sophia, Michaella and Jean. CEE had 15 kids! The SJS girls opted to play with 5 and not take a CEE player on the team. With consistent serving, great communication and good positioning SJS beat CEE the first 2 games, winning the match 25-18 and 25-16!! We played a third game for fun giving the SJS Team the rule that they had to get 3 hits before going over the net and encouraged more overhand serving. We lost the final game only 26-28! We are so proud and had so much fun watching them play!!