SJS v TIOH (First Game of the Season!!)

Saint James Soccer Team returned to the field after their summer break ready to play! Everyone couldn’t wait to start. They were excited to meet Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH) a more or less unknown entity.

SJS started with a strong front line Chase, Shine and John. Ryan, Audrey and Patrick backed up their strikers with Aneel as sweeper, protecting Stephen, their goalie. The first half saw 2 goals scored by TIOH but between Brock and Chase, STJ replied by scoring 2 goals of their own.

It was a good give and go as more of the SJS team were subbed in allowing Zoe, Roan, Thomas, Kiana and Catilin a chance to defend their goal. Although TIOH were on their passing game and were able to slip through defenses 2 more times before halftime.

The second half saw more heated action with Brock and Chase switching in and out, backed by Zoe, Mimi, Roan, Rogan, Jamieson & Ondine. Ryan took up her post as goalie taking several direct hits denying TIOH conversion. Brock had several heart stopping shots on goal and was able to bring STJ just shy of one goal. That is until Chase leveled it up right at the end of the game! A special thanks to Jenny Hagar (Patrick Hindman’s Mom) who went above and beyond helping the team out and making sure everyone got to play!

Final Score: 4 -4