Final Volleyball Game of the Season!

So the Huskies had one more opportunity to square off against Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH) on the Volleyball Court. It was a full house with parents eagerly waiting for the games to begin! With one match under their belts both teams came ready to play! The refs called a more rigorous game this time, limiting the number of serving do-overs allowed this time around. The games were played with Rally Scoring up to 21 , win by 2 points.

Both teams showed marked improvement in their serving and receiving game. The Huskies’ work on their passing skills paid off! The first set was easily handled by Saint James winning 21-12 with several exciting rallies.

But TIOH was not be written off so easily! Throughout the second game, the score see-sawed back and forth with only a one point differential. STJ finally pulled ahead to reach match point, but they had to win on their own serve. TIOH was able to regain the ground they lost during that time to come back neck and neck once more. Whoever won had to now win by 2 points!

TIOH was able to pull of 2 serves in a row, claiming the second game 23-21.

Congratulations to both teams for a match well played!!

1st Game: STJ 21  TIOH 12
2nd Game: STJ 21  TIOH 23