CEE vs Pilgrim (Hollywood Wilshire League)

It was a beautiful bright sunny afternoon! LA had finally shaken off the oppressing heat to deliver a perfect day for a soccer game! Parents lined the benches as both teams went through their warm up drills. All the kids from PILGRIM and CEE looked raring to go!

The first half opened with PILGRIM displaying their usual no holds barred style of soccer. Despite missing their 6th Graders, the CEE team fanned out and diligently worked the ball up the field. With a strong midfield of Eva, Sienna and Thomas subbing back and forth, CEE predominately played in the other team’s territory, allowing their strikers Ian, Henry, Harry and Desi to get several promising shots on goal. Despite several saves by goalie, Wyatt, fifteen minutes into the game, PILGRIM’S striker #42 Mikhi scored the first goal off a long throw in. Ten minutes later PILGRIM’S #19 Clyde struck, going into halftime with 2-0 lead.

During halftime Coach Nick told his team, “The score certainly does not reflect the quality of your playing! You are passing, spreading out and talking to each other. That’s what football (soccer) is all about!” Coach Amir who was on referee duty was heard to say he was excited and so proud of his team but couldn’t show it so much since he was acting as an impartial referee.

The second half saw a more steady game with both teams settling into the play, passing the ball up and down the field with some heavy skirmishes in the midfield from both sides. A fearless defense was created by Jackson, Jules and the midfield. CEE had over ten shots on goal to Pilgrim’s three. Five minutes before the end whistle CEE’s diligence paid off with a strong shot on goal that hit the cross bar. There was some debate whether it went in or not, but one of the PILGRIM players picked up the ball so it was an automatic penalty shot. CEE’s Ian delivered CEE’s first goal of the season!

PILGRIM was still pretty comfortable with their 2-1 lead. But despite a strong effort, CEE’s defense and William’s goalkeeping denied them the luxury of a two point lead. With only 60 seconds left on the clock, some hard fought defensive playing and some great passes, Ian successfully delivered the ball into the back of the net, bringing CEE level with a FINAL Score of 2-2.