April is Agility and Coordination Month

We have just introduced the Agility Ladder.

agility ladder red

The main purpose of agility ladders is to teach children’s to become more agile. Ladder drills teach children to move their legs and bodies in different planes: forward, backward and side-to-side. This mimics the way athletes move in many sports. Ladder drills that can improve agility include in-outs, zigzags, hops and lateral runs. But of course, all the children know is that they are having fun playing Speed Racer, Super Hero, Jedi training and Knights/Princesses. Don’t tell the kids…we’re secretly developing them..

Our innovative curriculum, first introduces a game with a fun objective and then the ball is incorporated after the kids know the game and understand the fun. As a result, we get highly motivated kids.  In each 30-35 minute class, experienced and enthusiastic instructors focus on having fun while guiding children through imaginative games that teach basic soccer skills. We are energetic and enthusiastic, and love working with your children.