jmg in-person pod classes

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JMG In-Person Pod Classes! Sports and Tutoring!

We know these are uncertain times and we all want to stay safe! So how to balance that with keeping our children active, learning and socializing?

JMG has created an IN-PERSON POD sports and tutorial program that gives our kids a much needed break from sitting and being indoors! We follow safety protocols, play, exercise and see our friends!

  • Temperatures Taken Before Class
  • Social Distancing 6' Apart
  • Face Masks Worn
  • Handle Only Your Equipment
  • Hand Sanitizer for Students and Equipment
  • Outdoor Location

We hope that when you feel safe & able, you will join us and help keep our talented coaches employed! They are very excited to work again with the the kids they love to teach!

Have a group of children that want daily, bi-weekly, weekly pod class play dates and/or tutoring? We are here to work with you on flexible scheduling and pricing with a variety of different sports and creative learning activities!

Contact Coach Matthew at

Let us help you with your homework! We create small, in person pod classes that are socially distanced and customized for the students' needs and lesson plans. Math, Science, Economics, Social Sciences, Spanish and Mandarin! We can even work in exercise to break up the lesson!