st james episcopal school


We've been working daily with our coaches to not only support each other, but to create an INTERACTIVE online program that will help parents juggling work at home while taking care of the children and other family members. And for the kids, it's a much needed break from the academic, with fun, creative ways to exercise, socialize with classmates and learn!!

Our wonderful group of coaches are all very excited to give back to the community and to the kids they love to teach!

ACTIVE Screen time such as playing educational video games or those that require physical action is beneficial to kids' behavioral and cognitive development. PASSIVE Screen time which includes activities like watching TV, playing video games that don't require physical activity or problem solving is not.

"We were all shut in our homes with no after school activities. Coach Noelle just blew me away. Her knowledge and ability to get the kids practicing yoga remotely is just incredible. My little girl sits and meditates, something she never would have done otherwise. And she is using these tools Noelle has provided to help her cope with her emotions during this confusing time." ~ Megan, parent