Saint James v TIOH Volleyball 5/11/15

We are very happy to report that our first Volleyball match against TIOH (Temple Israel of Hollywood) was a success! TIOH hosted the game at their school. And once we got the parking figured out and chairs for the parents set up, the kids were warmed up and ready to go!

We set this match up like we do for our soccer games, a practice-game hybrid. Putting the teams in a game setting was the perfect way to get the students all fired up, teach them the rules of the game, positioning and communication. The players had the opportunity to practice the skills that they’ve been learning and apply it in a game setting under pressure.

The first set we played rally scoring to 25, win by 2 points. A point is scored on each play. If the ball is served out or into the net, the other team gets the serve and a point. The players were allowed 2 tries at serve if necessary. STJ won this easily 25 to 10.

The second set wasn’t going to be as easy. This time we played with no do overs for serving. TIOH returned to the court full of fire and determination. This was a great game! We were treated to several nail biting volleys that went back and forth at least 4-5 times! STJ’s Sekai Beard was given a beautiful set (by the other team) and took full advantage of the opportunity performing a beautiful spike, putting the Huskies one step closer to match. But TIOH rallied and were neck and neck for about 10 points! Remember you have to win by 2, so the score see-sawed between game point and match point with TIOH finally beating STJ 27-25!

We were allowed a little extra time to play a tie breaker to 15. Hats off to Husky, Valeria Barientos for her serving streak that helped the Huskies win 15-3 and taking the Match winning 2 out of 3 sets. Extra thanks to Coach Jimmy and Coach Becky for their coaching and support.

I also want to point out that unlike soccer it’s harder to pinpoint the key players like the goalie or the goal scorers. Volleyball is really a team sport. It’s not just the one that serves or spikes. It’s the team that talks to each other, tells each other when a ball is going out or to go for it if it’s in. Everyone rotates and plays every position. The best teams are the ones that support and talk to each other. And I saw a good amount of that on the court this week!

Good job everyone!