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JMG SportsWise is excited to be offering Athletics Summer Camps this coming season by your schools! Come play Basketball & Soccer for all grades K through 5th!

Our professional athlete coaches are versed in childhood development and work with your kids on character building as well as the sports skills.

Our vision is building teams from a young age and up with the opportunity for friendly competitions with local schools promoting School and Community Spirit!

"To create an unparalleled youth sports program utilizing Professional, Collegiate and International Athletes/Coaches whose high level training can be translated into age appropriate drills and lessons. This plus their education and experience with children reach beyond the playing field. We treat each child individually with the understanding that they learn differently, at different rates at different ages. We strive to role model Respect, Communication, Patience, Perseverance and Teamwork. Our ultimate goal is to leave your children with positive long lasting habits that will last their lifetime."

~ JMG SportsWise Mission Statement





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