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note: published camp dates can be extended to continue ongoingly should parents wish to do so. 

Summer's almost here! JMG SportsWise is excited to be offering outdoor, small, safe, socially distanced, half-day Summer Pod Camps for all grades in your area! 
If you don't see your area or age group listed, JMG will help you create safe, small learning/sports camp pods. We have coaches who do sports, arts,  enrichment and integrate academics (science, reading & math) into our fun activities.
Our athlete coaches are versed in childhood development/education and will  continue our empathy and Growth Mindset lessons to help transition your kids into a more structured environment for the upcoming fall school year. 
Pls fill out this survey if interested in starting your pod:

Camp Safety Protocols:

~ Social Distancing 3'-6' Apart (depending on pod preference)

~ Face Masks Worn by all 2 and older

~ Handle Only Your Equipment & Supplies (Parent Provided)

~ Hand Sanitizer for Students and Equipment

~ Outdoor Location

~ Schedule subject to change