jmg interactive online clinics

JMG Interactive Online Classes!

This is Matthew & Jenn from JMG! We know these are uncertain times with the world changing daily! How do we stay sane when all around us is in chaos? How do we take care of ourselves, let alone our families? It's heartening to see people reaching out to friends, family and colleagues to CONNECT!!

In that spirit, we've been working daily with our coaches to not only support each other, but to create an INTERACTIVE online program that will help parents juggling work at home while taking care of the children and other family members. And for the kids, it's a much needed break from the academic, with fun, creative ways to exercise, socialize with classmates and learn!!

We also understand all of us have financial concerns given the unpredictability of the situation and the uncertainty of its duration. JMG has lowered our pricing and shortened course lengths in hopes that it offers affordability and flexibility. We want to keep our wonderful coaches employed! They are all very excited to to give back to the community and to the kids they love to teach!

These are just our initial course offerings. We are open to suggestions! All that is needed is a laptop or desktop preferably. (Tablet or phone if you don't have) And a small space to move around in and WiFi or Mobile Data access.

Classes and times are subject to change based on registration numbers and demand. Class space is limited in order to make them interactive! (15-20 students) Once a class has reached its minimum we will email you start date and Zoom instructions.

(ETK - Kinder) Mon & Wed 4p-5p, 6 classes $90
(ETK - Kinder) Tues & Thurs 11a-12p, 6 classes $90
(ETK - Kinder) Tues & Fri 1p-2p, 6 classes $90
(1st-3rd) Saturday, 10a-11a, 3 classes $45
(Mommy & Me) Saturday, 11a-12p 3 classes $45

Through playful expression, kids explore breath, strength, balance, and flexibility to cultivate gratitude, teamwork, and self-awareness. Coach Noelle uses songs, rhymes, and stories to learn kid-friendly yoga poses and flow. Traditions of meditation and the martial arts will be incorporated for a full mind and body experience. For the Preschoolers can practice with their parents in a “Mommy & Me” style class.