jmg interactive online clinics

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Tues, Jun 2, 4pm - Cardio Boxing

Thurs June 3, 2:30 - Coding for Beginners (4th and up)

Thurs June 3, 4pm - Creative Drawing


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JMG Interactive Online Classes!

We know these are uncertain times with the world changing daily! It's heartening to see people reaching out to friends, family and colleagues to CONNECT!!

JMG has created an INTERACTIVE online program that helps parents juggle work and take care of the children. And for the kids, it's a much needed break from the academic, with fun, creative ways to exercise, socialize with classmates and learn!!

We all have financial concerns given the unpredictability and uncertainty of the situation. We've lowered pricing and shortened course lengths to offer affordability and flexibility.

Please join so we can keep our wonderful coaches employed! They are all very excited to to give back to the community and to the kids they love to teach!

Classes and times are subject to change based on registration numbers and demand. Class space is limited in order to make them interactive! Once a class has reached its minimum we will email you start date and Zoom instructions.

"We were all shut in our homes with no after school activities. Coach Noelle just blew me away. Her knowledge and ability to get the kids practicing yoga remotely is just incredible. My little girl sits and meditates, something she never would have done otherwise. And she is using these tools Noelle has provided to help her cope with her emotions during this confusing time." ~ Megan, parent

Mondays, (ETK-Kinder) 10am
Tues (1st-3rd Grade) 10am
Wed (4th-5th Grade) 10am

5 classes, $85

Coach D will lead the students through series of fun, interactive activities that exercise the body and mind. Play games, hunt for treasure, dance, boxing are just some of the things that he will be doing to get the heart pumping and their creative juices flowing!