360° sports & wellness camp (ages 5 -9)
enriching kids from every angle

Sports: Basketball, Flag Football, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball...
Wellness: process art, STEAM based projects, mindfulness practice, healthy conflict resolution

The goal of this camp is for your child to gain important life skills and return home well exercised, well socialized, and most importantly, well-cared for. We hold the total wellbeing of children as our top priority and ensure that your child will feel content at the end of the day and excited for their next day of camp! 

JMG is excited to be partnering with Aviva Hirsch to direct our 360° Spring Break Camp offering! She is a seasoned Child Development Specialist with 15 years of experience working with children of all ages in both school and home settings. Aviva specializes in socio-emotional development, engaging children through meaningful connection, and promoting healthy socialization between peers.

We will incorporate exciting activities that allow children to work through challenges, hone their skills, and build self-confidence through recognition of their own competency! We believe that children are highly capable individuals who can attain profound self-worth by tapping into their inherent strengths. Children will have the opportunity to exercise a growth mindset throughout all activity offerings and will be scaffolded into recognizing their innate strengths during their week at camp.


Coeur d'Alene Avenue School Strike Camps:

WED 3/22/23 - La Brea Tar Pit Museum

Time: 930am-430pm

Cost:  $230/Day


THURS 3/23/23 - Pan Pacific Park Sports Camp

Time: 830am-430pm

Cost:  $240/Day

Schedule and Locations Subject to Change


Spring Break Camp

Date: 4/3/23-4/7/23 


Location: Clover Park

Cost:  $875/wk ($35/hr)

Daily drop-in rate $199 

Schedule and Locations Subject to Change
Shannon Pan Pacific
JMG Camp Cancellation Policy

Your registration is a non-refundable commitment unless canceled by JMG. Cancellations initiated by JMG will result in a full refund (not including Acts of God.)* Any other missed sessions by players will not be credited or refunded. Make ups for daily drop- ins are allowed within the same week by written request based on availability.

Unlike larger corporate-run 360° programs, we are a small, local, family-owned minority business. Without a commitment from all parents, we would not be able to maintain the minimum number of participants required to compensate our coaches with living wage and remain sustainable.

*We will make every effort to make up for time lost to bad weather, wildfires or other acts of God on all of our programs. There will be no refunds due to time lost in these situations. From 2022 onwards, JMG will adhere to our own Air Quality and Excessive Heat Policy Guidelines. These guidelines also include a reference as to when programs will or will not continue due to Air Quality. There will be no refunds due to time lost in these situations.