girls middle school sports


ALL Middle -High School Girls Welcome!

We've been working daily with our coaches to support each other and create an INTERACTIVE online program that helps parents juggle work while taking care of the children and other family members. For the kids, it's a much needed break from the academic, with fun, creative ways to exercise, socialize with classmates and learn!!

Our wonderful group of coaches are very excited to give back to the community and to the kids they love to teach!



JMG has an In-person sports and tutorial program. We can be with your kids during their online classes or after school to promote comprehension, engagement and help with homework assignments! We follow safety protocols, are fully insured and can work at parks or your backyard. We have flexible scheduling and pricing with a variety of different sports, academics, languages and creative learning activities from which to choose! 

Through amusing/interactive games, players will develop individual motor skills. Coach will focus on each player's form, stick work, footwork and ball control. Our coaching methods emphasize patience, creativity, enthusiasm, a youthful outlook and most importantly, fun!