coach zoso

lead swim coach

Coming into this world as a Pisces, Coach Zo was destined to be a natural water baby! She learned to swim at the age of 2 and to surf at age of 4. The water is her natural habitat! Coach Zoso was on the swim team, water polo team, & the surf team at La Jolla High School. She later moved on to have a small sponsorship for surfing.

From being the oldest of 4 siblings -one of whom is autistic- to working as a live-in nanny and coaching surfing and swimming for multiple years, Zoso is a natural with children and teaching. She has worked with all ages & skill levels from infant to adult. Kids love her & she loves them!

Coach Zo is certified in Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, Water Safety, & A.E.D as well as being a behavioral technician. An artist at heart & at work, Coach Zo brings a lot of creativity to the table which is key to being a swim coach.