Coach Megan

Basketball Coach

Coach Megan was born and raised in the South Gate/Downey area, graduating from Long Beach City College with an associate degree in communications. Megan worked as a recreation leader for the city of South Gate for 8 years, working with youth 4-13 year olds teaching the basics of baseball, soccer, but her favorite was basketball. As someone whose played basketball throughout her life until college she created a program thru the city challenging young athletes to grow better with skill but also develop that completive mindset.

Megan continues working as a coach in her home town at a girls basketball program were she focus’s on league prep, fundamentals, and refereeing games. Along with coaching she also works as a scorekeeper for Cypress City College keeping stats for collegiate athletes. On her off day Megan enjoys spending time with her little family and hopes to one day coach her 1 year old son when his time comes. “My goal is to challenge our athletes every day but make it fun so we keep the kids wanting to play”