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Coach Lauren has been dancing since the age of three. Ever since her parents had put her into a ballet class, Lauren fell in love with how her body automatically moved to the music that played. She continued on with her passion for dance as she grew older and expanded her dance worlds towards contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop.

Hip-Hop dance was the genre that Lauren connected to the most and is still pursuing it while she’s in college on a competitive performance team called Barkada Modern. Through dance, Lauren hopes that she can share her love for dance with them and be a good role model that many kids could look up to.

With her love for kids, Lauren is also pursuing a degree in Child Development. She’s worked with kids throughout her high school years as an occasional tutor at her elementary and middle school. Lauren also taught beginning hip-hop classes for children and had directed a competitive varsity team for two years at the studio she dances at. Now she is focusing on getting more experience with children because of how much joy they bring her.