Harley HEadshot

Coach Harley

Aftercare Coach

Coach Harley has been running since there was something to run to or from. She played volleyball, soccer, and cross country throughout her childhood but settled on Ultimate Frisbee in college because it had the coolest name. She studied sociology with a focus on age. Harley eventually found that her passion lay in direct interactions and has been tutoring, counseling, and coaching for years!

Harley focuses on empathetically acknowledging where kids are with unmet emotional needs and channeling it into energizing group activity. She recognizes the significant benefit that daycare programs can have on mental health and physical exercise. Harley has endless energy for sports, but gets just as readily drawn into leading complex role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, which is enthusiastically requested by children. She is very happy to be working with JMG, and appreciates a setting she is valued to bring boundless joy and sensitive understanding to the many children who appreciate this program!