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JMG Parental Agreement

Your child must have these digital forms completed and signed in order to play: 

Parent Agreement including Emergency Phone numbers

Athletic Contract Signed by a parent and the student

Parent Guidelines & Expectations Signed by Parent


Agreement to Participate

Participation in all sports can be inherently dangerous and, regardless of the care taken to avoid injury, it is impossible to ensure the safety of all participating individuals. In fact, many sports come with inherent dangers. Playing sports can demand cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and agility. Players may spend more than 45 minutes in intense physical activity and must be constantly aware of their surroundings (other players, goalposts, net posts, and the ball itself). Although soccer & volleyball are not generally thought of as a contact sport, at competitive levels, it is. Although many risks can be avoided, some simply cannot.

While playing sports, accidents do happen. Some of these accidents may be minor like collisions with other players, collisions with the ground, and being struck by the ball. Other accidents may be more significant like collisions with the goalposts. Other injuries may also include:

  • Minor injuries like scrapes, bruises, strains, blisters, and sprains;
  • More serious injuries liken broken bones, concussions, muscle tears, and ligament tears;
  • Catastrophic injuries like heat stroke, cardiac arrest, and death

To reduce the risk of injury, participants are expected to abide by the following rules:

  • All participants are expected to be physically fit before participating in JMG SportsWise Programs.
  • All players must adhere to the rules of the sports, thus creating a safe playing environment.

The above-mentioned participant agrees to follow the preceding safety rules, all posted safety rules, and all rules common to the enrolled sport. Further, the above-mentioned participant agrees to report any unsafe practices, conditions, or equipment to the JMG SportsWise Coach.

I certify that the above-mentioned participant:

  1) possesses a sufficient degree of physical fitness to safely participate.  

  2) understands that he/she is to discontinue activity at any time he/she feels undue discomfort or stress

  3) has indicated in the “Special Needs” section any health-related conditions that might affect his/her ability to play and he/she will verbally inform the JMG SportsWise Coach immediately.

I have read the preceding information and it has been explained to me. I know, understand, and appreciate the risks associated with the enrolled sport and I am voluntarily participating the above-mentioned participant in the activity. In doing so, the above-mentioned participant is assuming all of the inherent risks of the sport. I further understand that in the event of a medical emergency, JMG SportsWise will call EMS to render assistance and that I will be financially responsible for any expenses involved.

Waiver of Liability: In consideration of being permitted to play, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs, and my assigns, I hereby release JMG SportsWise, its agents, and its employees from liability for injury, loss, or death to the above-mentioned participant while using any facility or equipment or in any way associated with participating in the activity now or in the future, resulting from the ordinary negligence of JMG SportsWise, its agents and employees.

By registering my child, I do hereby give permission to JMG SportsWise to use my name and my child’s name, portrait or photograph in all forms and media (including composite or distorted representations) for advertising, trade, or any other lawful use. I waive my right to inspect or approve the finished version(s).

Cancellation Policy Make-up classes or extra time will be added only due to in climate weather conditions, facility conditions and/or availability. *Weekend Class Students may make up a class only at another Weekend or JMG Clinic if there is an appropriate age level class available.  ALL Class Cancellations and updates will be posted on on  

Refund Policy There are no refunds except if class has been cancelled by JMG. Under extenuating medical circumstances, credit may be applied. 



It is a privilege and not a right to represent JMG SportsWise and/or my school. The athlete must earn this privilege through dedication, desire, and discipline.  Players who maintain their eligibility by meeting Athletic, Behavioral and Financial expectations earn this privilege.  The following paragraphs explain JMG SportsWise Athletic Code. 


As a member of the school team, an athlete is expected to attend all scheduled try-outs, practices, games and team meetings even if the player is injured (unless there are medical reasons and or a physicians note) They are still part of the team. If circumstances arise whereby the student cannot attend a try-out, practice, team meeting or game, the Coach must be notified 24 hours prior to the absence. Much is still learned through observation and socialization. 

Practice Attendance and Playing Time:

  • Any athlete who misses practice may not be allowed to play in the next game as to be determined by the coach.  
  • You must make one full practice per week to get any playing time on the team.  Athletes who leave early from practice may miss at least one quarter of the game that week.
  • Athletes who leave during a game may get no playing time in the next game at the discretion of the coach.
  • Excessive absences from team practices or games or may be cause for removal from the team. 


  • JMG SportsWise has zero tolerance for lack of respect for officials, other cultures, religious institutions and ways of life by its players, coaches, parents or fans.
  • Players must abide by the Rules of Play and each of the individual location’s specific rules and regulations.


  • Proper school team uniforms or colors must be worn at all games or Colored Vests may be provided. NOTE: To preserve your uniform, wash inside out and DO NOT MACHINE DRY.  Logos and Numbers will last longer! 

League Rules and Fines 

  • We (player, parents friends and relatives) agree to follow the rules of our practice fields, leagues, and game fields.  Violations may cause forfeiture of playtime.
  • Player is required to be at the games and practices if they want to maintain their spot on the team to cheer on and learn at the practices.

Communication Procedure:

  • If you have a concern about your child’s team, first contact the coach. If after this conversation you need to speak to someone else, please contact (Matthew Wong, Executive Director at, 323 801 6391)
  • For ALL administrative support please contact (Matthew Wong, Executive Director at, 323 801 6391) 


  • In case of major injuries, for the safety of the players, a physician’s note is needed to rejoin the team.


JMG Concussion Policy

 To view full document click here. 

I, the student, understand the Rules and Regulations of the JMG SportsWise Program and agree to follow them. 


I have read and understood the Athletic Contract and will fulfill my commitment to all, Athletic, Behavioral and Financial responsibilities. I fully support the policies of JMG SportsWise.


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